Sheet 72-098             $17.50
On Guard

F-89J, F-86H X 2,
A-7D, F-16CM Have Glass 5
paint, C-27J
Sheet 72-099           $17.50
The Grim Reaper Cometh

F-100D X 2, F-4E, AT-38,
F-4D X 2, B-26C, E-6B
Sheet 72-100           $17.50
Century Mark

F-100D, RF-101, F-102A,
F-104A, F-105G, F-106A

The F-106 was known as the
"Cornfield Bomber" because
it landed unmanned in a
cornfield after the pilot
Sheet 72-101           $17.50
Diamonds in the Sky

F-14B+, F-4E, UH-72A,
H-19A, T-33A, TB-25N
Sheet 72-102          $17.50
Club Med

P-38G, B-24D,
Mosquito NF Mk XXX,
B-25C, Beaufighter MkVIf,
Sheet 72-103            $12.00
Pony Rides

P-38L, F-15C, P-51D, A-10C