Sheet 21-16  
Thank You
My Complements with an
order of $36.00 or more, not
including shipping.

F-15C, A-10A, F-16CM,
SHEET 72-104         $17.50
Death with Finesse

F-4B, F-16CM, F-35C,
F-22A X 2, EA-18G

A correction for the tail
markings of the Ohio ANG
F-16C is available and will
included with the sheet.  For
those who have already
purchased the sheet just let
me know and I'll send it out
with your next order.
Sheet 72-105          $17.50

Gripen, F-15A X 2, F-15B,
F-16B, Draken, F-16XL-2,
F-4C, F-5E
I have only a few of these
sheets left.  If you haven't
gotten one let me know.
Unless you include a note
with your order of $36.00
or more I won't ship one.  
Sheet 72-106            $17.00
Over Here

A-25A, P-38L, C-53, B-17D,
C-54A, VC-54C, C-54E,
Sheet 72-107             $17.00
Thunder Over Europe

P-47D, F-6F-3N, A-26B,
F6F-5 (with 4 German Kill
markings), B-17G with H2X
This aircraft had
4 German Kills
While operating
in the Med.
USN Night
Fighter in the
Radar in lieu
of ball turret
F-16C Tail Correction