Sheet 21-16  
Thank You
My Complements with an
order of $36.00 or more, not
including shipping.

F-15C, A-10A, F-16CM,
SHEET 72-104         $17.50
Death with Finesse

F-4B, F-16CM, F-35C,
F-22A X 2, EA-18G
Sheet 72-105          $17.50

Gripen, F-15A X 2, F-15B,
F-16B, Draken, F-16XL-2,
F-4C, F-5E
I have only a few of these
sheets left.  If you haven't
gotten one let me know.
Unless you include a note
with your order of $36.00
or more I won't ship one.  
Sheet 72-106            $17.00
Over Here

A-25A, P-38L, C-53, B-17D,
C-54A, VC-54C, C-54E,
Sheet 72-107             $17.00
Thunder Over Europe

P-47D, F-6F-3N, A-26B,
F6F-5 (with 4 German Kill
markings), B-17G with H2X
This aircraft had
4 German Kills
While operating
in the Med.
USN Night
Fighter in the
Radar in lieu
of ball turret