Sheet 72-108          $17.50
Wild Things

F-16C Wisconsin Badgers,
FGR.2, F-35C,
F-94C US AF Museum,
C-130E Berlin for lunch
A-6A Black Panthers with
Sheet 72-109            $17.50
Blood, Sweat and Valor

FG.1, FGR.4,
EF-111A Cannon AFB,
EB-66E Korat with
KC-135R Ohio ANG
Sheet 72-112                 $18.00
The Devils Fork

F-4D-1, F-18E Syrian SU-22
Killer, F-4E forst Tiseo jet,
SU-22, A-10C 100th Anniv.
107th FS, MI ANG,
2- MC-130H's