WolfPak Decals will present a wide range of decals for the
modeler in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales.  A typical sheet will
consist of markings for a minimum of 5 aircraft from various
units, air forces and era's.  Accompanying the decals will be
several sheets of application instructions, camouflage patterns,
paint tips and ordnance load-outs.

WolfPak Decals are screen printed by Fantasy Print Shop.
WolfPak Now Accepts Credit Cards and
Paypal  Payments.
 When you go to the
checkout page all you need to do if you don't
have a
Paypal Account is hit "Continue" and
it will take you to a page that allows you to
input your credit card details.

Please include the following amounts for
United States.....................Free

The rest of the World......$15.00
Feel free to contact me with your requests or if
you just want to chat at:


The December 2018 release is now in and
on sale.  The 2018 THANK YOU sheet is
now available with the purchase of $36.00
USD of Wolfpak products not to include
shipping.  Thanks for your patronage.

Also a correction for the Ohio ANG F-16C
is available for those of you who bought
sheet 72-104.  Just let me know and I'll
include it in your order.

Mark S.
International Postal Rates have gone up again.  
My average international order cost $17.00 to
ship so I have had to increase my shipping to